Welsh Gold Rings

There has been  a huge surge of interest in Welsh Gold rings recently. This is mainly due to the scarcity of Welsh gold. Perhaps another reason for the poularity is that pure gold from Wales has been used to make the royal family’s wedding bands since the Queen Mother’s wedding in 1923.

Gold from Wales was used in Diana’s engagement ring, and the ring which Kate was given by William when he asked her to marry him. And the band William slipped onto Kate’s finger in the 2011 wedding ceremony was made of the same gold.

Clogau Welsh Gold Ring. Photo from eBay.
Clogau Welsh Gold Ring. Photo from eBay.

It’s actually copper deposits which give Welsh gold its reddish colour and this sets Welsh gold apart from ordinary yellow gold. The Royal British Legion gave the Queen a 36 gramme piece of gold from Bontddu, Wales, back in November 1981. Some went into the Duchess of York’s ring in 1986. The Duchess of Cornwall’s wedding ring was also made with the same Welsh gold. This rare supply will be used for the next and all royal wedding rings in the future.

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Welsh Gold Rings in 9 and 18 carat gold

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There’s a great interest in Celtic jewelry here in the USA, sparked perhaps by the fact that so many of us can trace our ancestors back to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and other Celtic European countries.

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